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Contract Manufacturing

We are your competent partner when it comes to polishing, deburring, and edge contouring of precision components.

Finest surface finishing and precise edge geometries determine efficiency and functionality of complex components with precise contours, both internal and external.

If you do not wish to own the machine at the present, or you would like to test the processing quality over a longer period, we are happy to process your workpieces inexpensively as a service provider in our contract manufacturing department in Freiberg am Neckar (Ludwigsburg).

We will find the most efficient and most suitable processing method for your deburring or surface processing tasks.

The method we use for contract manufacturing:

We provide modern machinery, and the expertise of our competent professionals!

We have our own testing and research department, media production, fixture construction, mechanical engineering, and cutting-edge measurement technology at our disposal.

We process a number of components from various industries.

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