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MicroStream® - Abrasive Flow Machining®

Abrasive Flow Machining was developed in the late 1960s in the US, and was first successfully applied in the aerospace industry. The experience gained there led to optimization and dissemination of the method into other manufacturing areas.

The method is used to generate high finish quality of internal and external contours, for targeted precision deburring, and shaped edge contouring with reproducible work results.

The abrasive agent required for this is called Streamer©. This agent is adjusted to the material to be processed, the respective component geometry, and the desired surface quality.

General operating sequence – scheme

General operating sequence – description

The working agent is located in the lower cylinder of the abrasive flow machine prior to processing. The workpiece, which is placed in a suitable tensioner, is hydraulically clamped between the two cylinders in the workspace between the two pistons. During the processing, the agent, (Streamer©) is pumped through the workpiece to be processed from the lower medium cylinder to the upper medium cylinder at a specified pressure or piston speed. A heating/cooling system ensures a constant viscosity of the agent during the entire processing time.

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