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MicroStream - Abrasive Flow Machine - Comfort Line

The Comfort line of our abrasive flow machining systems is suitable for single workpieces as well as small and medium batches.

The abrasive flow system is characterized by:

  • Highest precision
  • Optimum quality
  • Enormous time saving compared to manual deburring processes
  • Repeatable results
  • Independence from geometrical shapes


  • Ergonomic terminal with Siemens12“ touch screen and TIA control
  • 7,5 KW Hydraulic aggregate
  • Safety light curtain
  • Displacement measuring system
  • Media spatula, T-piece, Pipe for light curtain test
  • 1x Service pack
  • Media pre-warming device
  • STREAMER Heating-/ Cooling systems Comfort Line (incl. STREAMER temperature control)
  • Teleservice eWON COSY


  • Manual shuttle table for heavy workpieces
  • Service Pack:
    • 4x Media piston seals
    • 2x Media piston guide tapes
    • 2x Oil filters
    • 4x O-rings for the spacers
  • Air conditioning for control cabinet
  • Additional heat exchanger for external cooling of hydraulic unit
  • Reducing kit

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