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Our Charter

As explained in our charter we place great value on the following points of our work.

  1. CARPE DIEM! We spend each day´s work with the highest commitment. We contribute our innovative and creative potential to the maximum extend!
  2. Peace and freedom are important goods. It is worth taking responsibility for them.
  3. Ethics, morals and values are essential for sustainable, economic success.
  4. Trust should be established and extended rapidly internally between employees and externally with customers and suppliers on the basis of ethics and values.
  5. Success needs analysis and strategy, which must be at the start of all efficient activities.
  6. Our customers must benefit from and enjoy our products and services: quality, on-time delivery and flexibility are essential.
  7. We encourage our suppliers to work with us on the basis of and in the spirit of this charter.
  8. Our noble aim is to give our employees tasks that they work through with joy and satisfaction; we want to thus awaken vitality in them so they can develop more, all negative pressure must be avoided. To err is human; in contrast analysing this in depth and working towards appropriate, fundamental changes is the duty of all of our employees.

    We communicate with high quality; the quantity of the language used appears to be counter-productive.

    Polarisation creates clarity and increases the pressure for the decision; none of those involved need to undertake superfluous efforts.

    We are economical, thus protecting resources and the environment, as well as creating profitability and stability.
  9. The duty to maintain the confidentiality of operational material from use by third parties applies to employees, suppliers and customers. All data and information must be treated as highly sensitive. Only the essential data and information may be provided to third parties.
  10. Up to 5% of our pre-tax profit goes to charities that support children and young people, science and research. Help for selfhelp should take priority. Here too the minimum-maximum principle is important.

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