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Aluminium Industry

Efficient processing of extrusion dies with the liquid file

Increasing use of aluminum profile materials for various applications results in a significant grow of the demand for extrusion tools. Excellent and efficient methods are available nowadays for the production of these forms, above all wire-cut and sinker EDM systems. The profile tool produced using spark eroding, however, has a melting layer generated in the erosion process, which has a negative impact on the quality and tool life of the profile. Tools thus manufactured must be reworked and optimized by skilled professionals in laborious work by hand. Manual work is always subject to severe quality fluctuations. These essentially manual works increasingly result in higher tool price.

With MicroStream Abrasive Flow Machining, your dies are always polished in the optimal and consistent quality.

The method ensures:

  • Higher quality of the end product, the aluminum profile
  • Huge cost reductions  in the whole process
  • Reproducible results withsame quality
  • Higher service life of tools
  • Increased extruding volume
  • Less waste

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