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The abrasive medium STREAMER is a key element next to the machine.

The Streamer (tool = viscous mass) consists of a polymer, the so-called base, with embedded abrasive grains, which are necessary for the overall surface processing. The Streamer can be customised to the respective processing task thanks to adjustable additives in grain sizes of 14-1200.

Most commonly used additives are:

  • Silicon carbides
  • Corundums 
  • Boron carbides
  • Diamonds

This viscous mass is subjected to an alternating motion along the surfaces and edges to be processed, which causes material to split in the μ-range. This makes it possible to generate surfaces well below Ra 0.1 µm and Rz 1µm.

Proven applications:

  • Removing recast layer
  • Finishing of 3D-printed surfaces
  • Hollow profile Tools
  • Cut-out tools
  • High-pressure valves
  • and much more

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