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Vibratory Finishing - Circular Vibrators

Vibro Tumb Process

Fort the Vibro Tumb process work pieces and special abrasives (ceramics, steel, stainless or resin based) are put in a certain ratio into the process bowl.
By putting it into rotation or vibration an intense process movement is started, supported by the different inertias and speeds of the materials. A mechanical treatment, deburring and / or polishing is effected.



  •  Cleaning and polishing
  •  Deburring
  •  Deburring and polishing of plastic parts
  •  Descaling
  •  Surface compaction


Technical advantages

  • Dry or wet processes possible
  • Wear resistant and corrosion free polyethylene bowl
  • Noise reducing lid
  • Discharge chute for quick emptying the bowl
  • Adjustable amplitude


Vibro Tumb Recirculation system

The VT Recirculation system is available for all Vibro Tumb machines.

A digital timer, heavy duty pump and container of approx 20 ltrs. are included.

Dimensions approx. 585 mm x 585 mm x 485 mm

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