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MicroStream - Abrasive Flow Machine - Smart Line

The Smart Line series of our abrasive flow machines is suitable for surface improvement and coating removal of single workpieces as well as small production lots.

The modular design using standardised parts ensures low follow-up costs for maintenance parts.

Location of the machine can be freely chosen as all components are fully integrated.


  • SPS control and display
  • Safety two-hand control
  • Adjustment of number of cycles
  • Operator hour counter and display of processing time
  • STREAMER pressure adjustment analog manual
  • Basic functions:
    • Clamping Close
    • Clamping Open
    • Automatic / Start
    • Emergency stop
  • Hydraulic oil supply
  • T-tool, streamer spatula, user manual

Your benefit:

  • Easy handling
  • Own construction of single and multiple fixtures
  • Ergonomic design according to DIN 33402
  • Improved clamping effect considering minimizing wear of hydraulic parts
  • Fast Rol


  • Media Pre-Warming device
  • Service Pack:
    • 4x Media piston seals
    • 2x Media piston guide tapes
    • 2x Oil filters
    • 4x O-rings for the spacers

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