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Your high-performance partner for contract manufacturing

If the use of a machine of your own for improved edge and surface finishes is currently not worthwhile for you, or if you would like to experience the quality of the processing over an extended period for yourself, we can process your workpieces as a low-cost service provider in our subcontracting department at our site in Freiberg am Neckar (near Ludwigsburg).
We are happy to carry out an initial feasibility analysis for your individual component to determine the most economical and most suitable machining method for your deburring or surface finishing problem.

We process components from a wide range of industries, e.g.

  • Aluminium industry
  • Plastic / extrusion industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Medical technology
  • Aerospace
  • Mould and tool making


Applied processes for contract manufacturing:

  • MicroStream®-abrasive flow machining®
  • Vibrotumb vibratory finishing

Your benefits:

  • Quality improvements in the final product
  • Significant cost reductions across the entire process
  • Reproducible results and thus consistent quality
  • Increased tool service life
  • Less waste


Our services = Your benefits

  • High-performance contract manufacturing
  • Our own test and research facility
  • Our own media production
  • Fixture construction
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Latest measurement technologies
  • Tests and feasibility trials


Processing options for components:

  • Grinding of internal bore surfaces
  • Deburring of hard-to-reach bores as well as crevices / grooves and edges (several bores simultaneously)
  • Consistently and evenly rounded edges, e.g. on tooth flanks and edges on gears
  • Polishing of milled surfaces, turned or cast components
  • Processing of additively manufactured components / 3D components
  • Removal of martensite layers, for example after eroding



Thanks to our integration into the PÜTZ GROUP and the resulting synergy effects we are able to offer you not just deburring and surface technologies but also the appropriate testing technology to test surfaces as well as for dimensional accuracy.


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